Document Management

The technological solution to revolutionize business operations

The document management solution, through an application platform, enables the storage and sharing of documents in digital format, by virtue of the particularly advanced features of security management and data confidentiality.


In accordance with the requirements imposed by privacy regulations, the most widespread uses of the document management system concern areas where it is necessary to deal with confidential and sensitive data, so as to ensure, with full access control, security in the storage of information, protected by a sophisticated encryption system, completely transparent to the user.

These features are complemented by the ease of use of the application interfaces and the availability of the platform in mobility, with no exceptions to security requirements.

However, the information assets managed by the document management system are much broader and can include the totality of documents, of various formats, produced in the course of professional activity or received from external parties, organized into “document domains” with which it is necessary to interact on a daily basis for public or private activity.

The platform is available in various modes, ensuring cost-effective management both for individual use and for organizations of any size; in fact, the solution is highly scalable and is offered for organizations both in cloud modes and with “on-premise” installations

The document management system is a solution strongly characterized by:

  • Ease of use: the user user of the system plays a decisive role in its adoption and deployment. Unlike, in fact, many IT applications, the system is easy to use and meets the need for efficiency typical of managerial use of technology.
  • Security and confidentiality: the complex technical features underlying the guaranteed high level of security and confidentiality are completely hidden from the end user, who does not have to engage in difficult technological exercises.
  • Open architecture, allowing existing technologies and typical business processes of the organization to be easily integrated into the management system.


with the ability to access from any device.

in the entire set of documents.

even with external parties using the most appropriate mode and the desired level of confidentiality. Documents can be made available for a limited time, with a time expiration and a watermark to protect against distribution of unauthorized copies.

with free-text, highlighter and POST-IT notes. These annotations remain private for each individual user, and are made available and synchronized across all platforms from which the user has access (Desktop, Tablet).

with an internal viewer within the application to ensure that they are exported from the management system only by authorized users.

with granularity to the individual document folder.

via the "meeting" function that allows the presenter to browse pages synchronously on all connected devices.

with the user's name in order to discourage unauthorized copying.

related to Digital Signature and Document Approval processes.

so that they are organized according to one or more storage logics, without ever duplicating the document.

including those created extemporaneously and based on text search.

so that not everyone has the same opportunities to copy, edit and distribute documents.

on folders or files, so that at any time you have a notion of who has the document in view, notification of when it was opened.


Having a paperless company does not only mean abandoning paper and achieving savings in costs, storage space, and time dedicated to archiving, searching and relocating documents, but it means laying the foundations for an effective and pervasive digital transformation, especially in an era such as the one we are living in, marked by an increasingly widespread distribution of various operations, which in order to ensure the smooth business continuity of one’s company requires an indispensable business document management tool capable of streamlining the various processes.

The benefits that digitization provides to document archiving in terms of business continuity and flexibility clash with the limitations that companies present when preparing for digital transformation: from the cultural change required to the often inadequate digital skills, from the bias of high budget forecasts to the uncertainty related to the choice of the ideal partner.

That is why it is important to rely on qualified partners to know how to protect documents from the risks of damage, loss, theft, espionage and crypto-virus attack;

  • so you can achieve faster, simplified and more reliable operations while reducing costs while complying with regulations;
  • To address the digital transformation of document storage;

and ensure data protection through permissions.


Document Scanning

We scan, digitalize and archive your documents securely. Improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase data security.

Document Recognition and Interpretation

Document recognition and interpretation service uses advanced technologies to digitize and organize information, increasing productivity and business security.

Ensure business continuity and flexibility to your work with digital archiving

Harness the power of document recognition and interpretation to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve access to information. Contact us today to find out how our solution can transform your business.
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