Augmented Reality (AR)

The technology that allows you to superimpose multimedia information on top of what you are looking at. on any display: this is how augmented reality enables new application horizons that help companies in many areas, including remote assistance.


It’s called augmented reality, and it’s the technology that takes advantage of the displays of mobile devices, wearable devices, vehicle windows and interactive storefronts to add information to what we see.

To understand what augmented reality is and what it is for, it is easiest to explain how it works. Let’s imagine framing any object with a tablet or smartphone, being able to see any kind of additional information on the display: text, images, videos; the camera reads the object in the frame, the system recognizes it and activates a new level of communication that overlaps and integrates with reality, enhancing the amount of detail data in relation to that object.


In the industrial sphere, the technological scenario of augmented reality enables wide and numerous application horizons: for example, it is possible to present an industrial machinery detailing explanations and instruction manuals thanks to the support of content that in real time, appear on the screen showing both the outside and the inside of each component, videos that explain the functioning of gears and systems, the dynamics of processes and specificities.

The best-known area in the use of AR technologies in industry is in assembly and manufacturing: technologies such as smart glasses, which have the privilege of leaving operators’ hands free, can provide effective support in the performance of activities, particularly in the most complex ones, suggesting step by step the right actions to take.

The same is also true for maintenance activities to production facilities, thermal systems, plumbing systems, electrical or gas systems, and so on.


With a properly set up platform, it is possible to interactively perform and remotely resolve consulting, service and maintenance requests without the direct physical presence of an expert in the field; the customer can quickly receive assistance from their supplier by initiating a video call with a computer or any mobile device. Through the camera of their device, the customer shows the technician the machinery, who can then identify the cause of the failure or malfunction and remotely guide their customer in performing the necessary operations. When the service is completed, the system automatically generates a ticket with the call history, including the operations performed in augmented and mixed reality.

The key issue, in order to make a difference, is the development of an integrated communication design that, by taking advantage of augmented reality, enhances communication by being able to simplify and make the interaction more complete, raising the level of attention.

Today’s technologies are highly evolved and allow for customization and implementation of informational contributions with respect to the object you want to tell in AR, so that it is truly at your fingertips, but also at the company’s fingertips…

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