Maintenance is an activity designed to ensure the proper functioning and durability of a particular system, object or infrastructure. Maintenance can be of several types:

Preventive maintenance, which involves carrying out periodic interventions in order to prevent possible failures or malfunctions. For example, for the periodic replacement of consumable parts within scanning systems.

Corrective maintenance, with intervention on an already failing system to restore its proper functioning. For example, in case repair is needed when our system is down due to the presence of a fault.

Predictive maintenance: involves the use of monitoring techniques to identify possible malfunctions in anticipation of future failures so that preventive action can be taken. For example, with the use of sensors to monitor the status of an industrial machinery and prevent possible failures.

Maintenance is important to ensure the safety and reliability of systems, but also to extend their useful life and reduce operating and repair costs; so as to safeguard the investment made.

With the openMAINT solution, which is useful for anyone who needs to maintain buildings, mobile assets, facilities of all types, urban infrastructure and technological networks on the territory, it is recommended whether maintenance activities are carried out “in-house” (directly by the managing entity) or if they are outsourced to external providers through partial (by function) or total “outsourcing” (“global service”).

soluzione manutenzioni

openMAINT, which allows you to know, manage and maintain your buildings, facilities and equipment, is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to define the optimal application for your needs.

To provide remote support to those working in maintenance, Eye4Task is the augmented reality software platform for remote support, which can provide valuable help to those working in the field, even in critical contexts, so they can perform complex tasks and be guided by remote experts located anywhere in the world. This makes it possible to:

  • manage customer support without the need to send experts into the field any longer
  • digitize and remotitize inspections, audits and certifications
  • train technicians by simulating operational contexts in virtual reality
  • certify the execution of plan

Are you looking for an effective solution to maintain your systems and infrastructure?

Don't miss the opportunity to digitize and optimize maintenance activities with our innovative solutions!
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