Image control and text verification processes are technologies used to verify and ensure the quality and accuracy of information displayed in an image or text.


Image control is a process that uses image processing and artificial intelligence to analyze and verify the quality and accuracy of the information displayed in an image. This can include checking for distortion, blurring, coloring or contrast errors, as well as the presence of unwanted elements such as scratches or noise.

Text verification is a similar process that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence techniques to verify the quality and accuracy of text in a document or Web page. This can include verification of grammar, syntax and correct spelling, as well as verification of the accuracy of information content.


Both of these processes are useful in ensuring the quality and accuracy of displayed information, especially in industries where it is important to maintain high quality and accuracy, such as publishing, printing, and publishing.


Newly released to the market, TEXT PROOF WEB, with simplicity and speed but above all with extreme accuracy, inspects TEXT documents facilitating the valuable work of REGULATORY offices, ARTWORK development, proofreading of drafts.

TEXT PROOF WEB, easily usable from any location, compares text and graphics between documents of different formats, with different layouts, in all languages, simply highlighting the differences.

PIXEL PROOF WORKFLOW our workhorse, born in the heart of the Pharmaceutical industry, has evolved in response to the real functionality and needs of those who make Quality Control their job every day.

Easy, fast, intuitive, accurate and complete are just some of the positive features of our System. Each license controls virtually everything, even commercially it boasts the strength of being very simple and unarticulated.


We are the Italian Partner of Off-Line Inspection systems for text control, pre-print files, printed material and Artwork Creation and Management.

Our experience started more than 20 years ago is mainly oriented to the Pharmaceutical market with a special focus on Quality Control and Regulatory department laboratories. Over time we have also pushed into the Papermaking sector receiving positive acclaim.

Guarantee the quality and accuracy of your images and texts

Rely on our advanced technology and experience for reliable and accurate results!
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