The Pharmaceutical Industry is our main sector of reference so much so that PIXEL PROOF was born from the collaboration with the giant BAYER in Leverkusen, where the valuable collaboration still continues today.

Our System, which has now become PIXEL PROOF WORKFLOW, is installed in numerous Pharmaceutical companies around the world, appreciated both for its performance qualities and because it fully contributes to the compliance imposed by the control bodies FDA and AIFA through:

  • Data Integrity;
  • The management of a dedicated database for all analysis projects created;
  • Three levels of access to the system: User, Superuser and Administrator;
  • The proofreading during the content creation phase so that only the intended changes are made before regulatory submission;
  • The checking of the content so that it has no deviations from the approved SPL in XML or PDF format;
  • The checking that graphic component measurements conform to FDA labeling requirements;
  • The checking of critical text font sizes so that they conform to FDA labeling requirements.

The scanning and verification of barcodes to confirm whether they are ISO compliant.

Due to the very large number of references in this industry sector that in synergy with our developers, it has been possible to collect and implement requests for new features so much so that today our system is the ideal solution for Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Companies.

As suppliers with documented experience in the Pharmaceutical sector, we provide our customers with the necessary documentation to fulfill regulatory requirements. During installation we Validate our systems according to the guidelines of our documented validation package, Test Design, providing IQ and OQ validation and giving support to the PQ part dedicated to the end customer.

Our Customers

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Find out how our PIXEL PROOF WORKFLOW system can contribute to your Quality Control in the pharmaceutical industry!

We provide our customers with the necessary documentation to comply with regulations and support the end customer in validating the system.
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