The VPR 451e optical-RFID reader is a specialised device designed to read OCR and RFID information contained in Machine Readable Passports, Visas, ID-cards and other travel documents. It captures machine readable codelines in single hand "swipe" operation and transmits recognised data to a host computer.
In the next step all data from RFID tag embedded in e-Passport can be retrieved.
External computer collects data and optionally verifies its conformance to the user-defined data base, or sends information outside.


hand swipe speed: up to 110 cm/s
recognition speed: 100 char/s
MTBF: 200 000 hours


ICAO e-Passport compatible
full support of ISO14443A and ISO14443B tags
up to 848 kbit/s airspeed

Power consumption

The reader is powered from an internal
battery pack (2xAA), which assures up to
4000 documents readings (OCR+RFID).
When not being used reader enters "sleep mode"


lenght: 128 mm
width: 60 mm
height: 69 mm
weight: 55 dkg with batteries


operating temp.: -20 0C /+40 0C
operating humidity: 40% - 90% RH
IP: IP64